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DTG Printing

DTG Printing


There are no setup costs with DTG printing, as compared to traditional screen printing.

nO minimum

Better for small and full color orders at very affordable prices compared to screen printing.


As DTG printing doesn't require screen setup it is a faster process for small quantity orders


DTG offers an endless color palette, with no ‘charge by the color’ like screen printing.

Start designing


What is DTG printing?  DTG printing is the latest custom printing method where a digital image is printed directly onto your apparel.

At Yes We Print we know how difficult it can be to choose the type of printing for your customized products. In this article, we will explain the main characteristics of digital textile printing, also known as Direct to Garment Printing. Perfect for your t-shirts to personalize, among others!

Garment Printing has more than 4 decades of experience in the sector and our clients are always satisfied with our professionalism and advice, so get in touch with us or fill in the form and we will call you in 15 minutes!


  1. How many pieces is the minimum order? NO MINIMUM
  2. Do you do Same Day DTG Printing? Yes we do.
  3. Maximum DTG printing size: the maximum size for DTG Printing or Direct to Garment Printing is 14 × 16 inches.
  4. Recommended material for DTG printing: 100% cotton, but we can print on 50%50
  5. When to choose DTG printing or Direct to Garment Printing: When your order is less than 12 Units. Full-color Designs of Photographic Quality or Images with Many Colors in Small Amounts. When you need an image with Photo Quality and High Resolution in Colors and Details
  6. HD Print quality: The DTG Print Quality is 100% Digital, with High Resolution in Small Details and Colors with Gradients, blurred and any effect.  As a result, Any Digital Image in High Resolution can be Printed with the same Quality of Detail.


Step 1:

Our professional team reviews every order before starting printing procedures. If the image you provided is not high resolution, to start, we ask for the highest resolution image to be provided. The higher the image resolution, the better the results!

Step 2:

Every design is thoroughly inspected before printing for quality assurance. If everything is ok with the quality of your image, then we prepare a visual proof file and send you for your approval. Once you approve, we start printing.

Step 3:

Once your order printed, we send you a notification email and prepare the order to send via post or make it ready for local pickups.


Basically, the DTG is a printing process in textiles and garments with inkjet technology in specialized or modified printers. The two key requirements of a DTG printer are a transport mechanism for the garment and the special DTG inks that are applied directly to the textile and that are absorbed by the fibers, achieving designs full color and a great level of detail, and practically without perception to the touch.

Unlike the screen or traditional screen, the DTG does not require the use of screens or stamping octopuses or plate burning. Cleaning frames and other adjustments that increase costs when printing small or smaller orders in Screen Printing. That makes the DTG very competitive with respect to the Screen in these cases.

In addition, the technical requirements for digital processing of the images are more flexible. You can print any image or photograph without going through a vector conversion or a screen-printing polychrome.


It should be noted that the DTG is special for use on cotton garments thanks to the fact that their inks are water-based. Being totally environmentally friendly; that is why it is advisable to wear 100% cotton garments where the best results are obtained.  However, you can use garments with blends, up to 50% cotton minimum, since if the percentage is lower the colors will lose vitality. It is also important to use fabrics of good quality with closed fabrics. These are ideal to obtain the best results in terms of definition and vividness of the colors.

Another aspect in favor of this technique is the great durability of the prints, lasting up to 80 washes without losing vividness in the colors. As well as allowing to print designs with blurring or transparencies, achieving spectacular results


Soft-touch printing.

There are no configuration costs.

Digital textile printing can be used on light or dark garments.

Great durability of the prints, lasting up to 80 washes without losing vividness in the colors

Allows to print designs with blurring or transparencies, achieving spectacular results



It is not possible to use Pantones, although the designs can be digitalized, and very similar colors can be obtained.

Due to the costs of special inks, compared to other techniques such as screen printing, the price is medium-high. It is a technique focused on designers or complicated designs.

Long delivery times for large runs. The plotters print slowly and carefully and only allow the printing of 2-in-2 t-shirts.

It does not allow stamping complicated garments, such as hats, raincoats, polar, umbrellas, etc.




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